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Travel document to Sudan

Travel document

 The requirements for applying for a travel document are as follows:

1. One copy of the form “Request for consular procedure” (see consular section), signed by the applicant or by a legal guardian if the applicant is below the age of 18

2.  A copy of the receipt of payment of the consular fee for travel documents (see consular fees section)

3. A copy of the plane tickets for the trip to Sudan

4. Infants: authorised (stamped) copy of birth certificate of applicant, or a copy of passport or other valid ID document of applicant

Adults: copy of passport or other valid ID document of applicant

5. 2 x passport photos of applicant

6. One prepaid envelope enclosed, with address, for returning the documents


The procedure normally takes one week in total, for shipment and processing.


If you have lost your passport or your travel document, please fill out this form and send it to the Embassy either by regular mail or by email to


Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Oslo, Norway

Holtegata 28
0355 Oslo

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